The Indian Students Cultural Organization is a non-profit organization for all the students from India. It has been given the Best Student Organization Award – consecutively from 2001 to 2004 and 3rd Best Student Organization Award for the year 2014-2015. Our objectives are to promote service and leadership opportunities. We know how tough it is to travel to a totally new country, thousands of miles away from home and settle down into a student’s life there. We aim to help new students with the educational and social issues that they may face at Toledo and be the Indian link for them. Student-student and student-community interactions are also highly encouraged. The Indian Students Cultural Organization (ISCO) is affiliated with The University of Toledo. Our endeavor is to complement student academic program and enhance the overall educational experience of students through their participation in social, cultural, intellectual and recreational activities. Our organization tries to spread the word of “togetherness” by bringing the entire Indian community under one roof.

We have been hosting many events related to majority of the festivals that we celebrate in India making Toledo the “Home away from home” for the students flying in from India. Apart from just organizing the events related to the festivals we also participate in the events conducted by ISA and CAP. We also participate at the concession stands during the football season. We provide airport pickups for the students coming to United States for the first time and also temporary accommodations until they find a permanent place to stay.

With the help of generous sponsors, continuing support from the current student members and guidance by its alumni, ISCO hopes to keep helping the Indian Student community during their journey at University of Toledo amidst a fun environment filled with cultural and recreational activities.

Some of the events organized by ISCO.

  •    Fresher’s Party
  •    Movie nights
  •    Cricket tournament
  •    Indoor sports
  •    Rangotsav (Festival of colors)
  •    DIYA (Annual Event)
  •    Independence and Republic day celebrations
  •    Ganesha festival
  •    Picnic

We are planning to add couple of more events this time.



Join ISCO today! Being part of this community does not mean just being an Indian but more than that it is about sharing the rich and vast culture of India in a foreign land.

Please visit our contact page to contact one of our Panel members and pay your membership fee of $10 and register yourself as a member of ISCO.